Who I Am


My 20+ year career in marketing and communications has provided me with vast experience working with all types of clients and a wide variety of business experiences.

I am an experienced online marketer and am very adept at integrating digital elements into all aspects of marketing, communications and business in general, and currently serve as the Director of Marketing for a global company. I like to say that I have the background and skills  to develop marketing vision and creative business . Along with a great deal of traditional creative and marketing experience, I have managed all aspects of digital and online marketing, including the integration of Social Media, email marketing, online presence and other web technologies and tactics.

My specific areas of expertise are:

Marketing Communications | Brand Management | Brand Strategy | Internet Presence | Multimedia |Online Marketing |Strategic Marketing Planning |Integrated Campaign Management | Creative Direction | Email Marketing | SEO | Account Management


Along with my career I also have a portfolio of work that was done for clients across the U.S. As a professional with specific skills you cannot help but run into individuals, companies and agencies that could use your help and are willing to outsource the work. I have been working on projects like these for more than 20 years and have completed work in just about every area of marketing communications and sales support.

Some specific examples of the types of projects are:

Website Design and Development | Multimedia | Photography | Video | Brand Identity & Logo Design | Tradeshow Booth Design | Brochure Development | Advertising Campaigns | Email Marketing Templates | Social Media Platform Design & Development | Marketing Communications Consulting | Graphic Design Services